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I have two facebook like buttons on the same page, however they are showing two different counts.. I want them to show the same count.. I have an og:url meta tag set on the page, hence my assumption is that both the like buttons will share the same page url that is mentioned in the og:url.. But still they are showing different counts. Can someone please help me here.. The only difference is the href set in the two buttons is of a different format, however redirecting to the same page, so will this difference matter? Can someone please guide me what should be done to have both the like button counts same?

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Are both url are exactly same in two like button api code? – Vijay Verma Oct 12 '12 at 6:39

The hrefs set on the buttons themselves will override the og:url set. So even though the two slightly different links point to the same page, Facebook will see this as two pages.

Two solutions available:

  1. Make both of the hrefs the same
  2. Remove the hrefs and they will just refer to the current page they're on
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