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For my rails 3.0 app, I've got rspec+capybara filling in fields, clicking buttons, and testing for presence of a chunk of text 'anywhere on the page'.

But I cannot find any explanation of how to applying an assertion (has value, contains, or has class) to an element whose ID I know.

For example, I'm trying to test whether a table row whose id=row_1002 (has class that includes highlightrow (perhaps among other classes)

I also want to and also test if the row with id=row_1002 contains the text "Foobar" anywhere in the row.

Among the many things I tried that throw errors are:

find('tr', id: "row_1002")[:class].should include('highlightrow')
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You should be able to do this:

find('td#row_1002')[:class].should include('highlightrow')

And for finding the row with the id that contains the text "Foobar" anywhere in the row:

find('td#row_1002').text.should include('Foobar')
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Bingo! Thank you very much! – jpwynn Oct 14 '12 at 22:14

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