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Now a days I'm learning iOS Development and I've created one simple application using XCode. During learning an iOS development I came to know that we'll need an apple developer account to submit application on App Store and even to test on own iOS Device.

I bought an apple developer account but couldn't find how to submit an application to test on own iOS device. I go through account but couldn't get much idea as I'm newbie in iOS development. Tried to search but couldn't get exact way.

Can anyone provide me link from where I can get exact way to do this?

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So you want to build an application to your device? Have you tried plugging your device into your computer and building with Xcode? Or are you having trouble with adhoc distribution? –  Carl Veazey Oct 12 '12 at 8:19
Hi Carl, As far as my research I came to know that I've to submit that test application by developer account. Is it possible to create a build and directly check that application without using developer account and just plugging the device with Mac? –  Dhaval Oct 12 '12 at 8:36
I've never had to submit a test application... I don't really know what research you're referring to. You need a certificate and a provisioning profile. There are tutorials in the dev. portal site. –  Carl Veazey Oct 12 '12 at 10:19
Hi Carl, that's what I wanted to know that we can test our application by certificate and provisioning profile. I'm new to use apple stuff and may be due to that I couldn't find that. Thanks it helped me to understand the fundamentals. –  Dhaval Oct 15 '12 at 6:39
Great glad to hear it! –  Carl Veazey Oct 15 '12 at 7:22

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I sorted through this this morning; I must say that Apple's tutorials are incomprehensible to me as a beginner programmer. In XCode, open the Organizer and click Devices. Make sure you have the latest iOS installed on your device and the latest version of XCode. Plug your device into the computer, then click "Use for development," then "Add to portal."

Sign in to the Developer Member Center, click the link under iOS Provisioning Portal, and click Devices to check that your devices have been added. Next, click App ID. You will need to create a unique App ID and make sure it matches the Bundle Identifier in your XCode project (Targets - Summary).

Only then should you click on Provisioning (the mistake I made was trying to do this first). As long as you have previously set up your device(s) and your App ID(s), you will be able to select these to create a new Provisioning Profile. These should then appear in the XCode Organizer window.

Finally, set the Scheme in the top left corner of the XCode project window to the device (still plugged in) that you wish to use for testing, and run.

You do not need to actually submit your application in order to test it.

Hope this saves you or someone else some time!

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Hi Jeanne, thanks for descriptive explanation. I'll try your solution and will definately share my experience. –  Dhaval Oct 15 '12 at 6:39
If it worked for you, would you mind accepting the answer? If not, please let me know so I can improve my answer. Thanks! –  Jeanne Nov 4 '12 at 3:28

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