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In a project master pages do not have code behind files; and in content page I need to read user control's properties which is inside master page. Can you please advice how it can be done.

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4 Answers

Do like this

In Master page

<uc1:MyWebUserControl ID="myCtl" runat="server" ClientIDMode="Static" />

In content page (in code behind )

MyWebUserControl myWCtl  = this.Master.FindControl("myCtl") as MyWebUserControl;
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I have tried with this but it wont work: In Master page: <uc1:ShoppingCartControl ID="myCtl" runat="server" /> In Content Page: ShoppingCartControl myWCtl = this.Master.FindControl("myCtl") as ShoppingCartControl; It give error : "the type or namespace does not exist! any idea? –  SHEKHAR SHETE Feb 21 at 6:09
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See if this helps

Literal mpLiteral = (Literal) Master.FindControl("masterPageLiteralControlID");  
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In Master Page -

<asp:TextBox Id="txt" />

In content page -

TextBox t = this.Master.FindControl("txt") as TextBox;
t.Text = "Some Value";
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Ritesh it is a user control. please advice –  user576510 Oct 12 '12 at 6:46
I don't think there will be any difference with UserControl. In master page - <my:UControl Id="uc" /> In content page - UControl t = this.Master.FindControl("uc") as UControl; // You can use property now. . –  Ritesh Oct 12 '12 at 6:47
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Try this on your content page

YourControl YourControlObj = this.Master.FindControl("YourControl") as YourControl;
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doest his work? i dont think so..! when u write "YourControl" without any reference it gives error..! –  SHEKHAR SHETE Feb 21 at 6:07
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