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As I am developing my Google Chrome Extension, I want to be able to build different versions for environments.

I am using The CRX Maven Plugin to build my extension.

By default, I want the files under src/main/chrome to be my dev files, since I use Chrome's "Load unpacked extension..." to test locally. The extension also makes remote calls, so each environment has a corresponding remote server. I have externalised that in a conf.js file. I was thinking of excluding the src/main/chrome/conf.js file from the maven build and including another conf.js that is outside of /src/main/chrome with the following config:


I can't see a temporary build directory, where I could drop a conf.js using some additional script. Any suggestions?

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The CRX Maven Plugin now supports file filtering.

Instead of having a different conf.js for each environment you can put the name/value pairs for the environment specific settings into a Java .properties file called conf_XXX.properties where XXX is the name that you are going to use to identify the target environment for the build.

The plugin can be configured as follows:


You would use the -D option to set the target environment at build time.

mvn -DtargetEnv=XXX
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