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I have following code that creates a field for password.

// Element: password
$this->addElement('Password', 'password', array(
   'label' => 'Password',
   'description' => 'Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.',
   'required' => true,
   'allowEmpty' => false,
   validators' => array(
       array('NotEmpty', true),
       array('StringLength', false, array(6, 32)),
$this->password->getDecorator('Description')->setOptions(array('placement' => 'APPEND'));
$this->password->getValidator('NotEmpty')->setMessage('Please enter a valid password.', 'isEmpty');

In my controller I need to remove the validators and make 'required' false from the controller depending upon some conditions.

For example:-

    //Set required to false and remove validator here somehow

Does any one know a solution for this case?

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If you have instantiated your form in the controller like this:-

$loginForm = new Application_Form_LoginForm();

Then you can set the attributes for the Password (or any other) element like this:-


Or, as Zend_Form_Element::setRequired() returns an instance of Zend_Form_Element, you can do this:-

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It is working but i am using plugin procedure of social engine 4 so form is not rendered like $loginForm = new Application_Form_LoginForm(); Thanks for your valuable time. – Gokul Shinde Oct 18 '12 at 11:50

is there any point in displaying a password form element that is not required and not validated? You may as well just remove the whole element from your controller.

//in your controller

also be aware that setting an element 'Required' and using the 'NotEmpty' validator is a little bit redundant as Zend_Form_Element uses the 'NotEmpty' validator to validate 'Required' in isValid(). So you don't need to set 'Required' to true if you use 'NotEmpty'.

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Good points. +1 – vascowhite Oct 12 '12 at 10:11

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