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I'm trying out WebAPI and so far I'm impressed, stuggling with routing though. I have this route that works:

            name: "ActionApi",
            routeTemplate: "api/{controller}/{action}/{query}",
            defaults: new { query = RouteParameter.Optional });

I would however like to have an 'else' controller (if no controller is found, use this one), my current (non-working) path is:

            name: "ElseApi",
            routeTemplate: "api/g/{identifier}",
            defaults: new {
                controller = "Else",
                action = "Generalise",
                identifier = RouteParameter.Optional});

With the following method in my ElseController:

public string Generalise(string identifier)
            return "gen";

What could the problem be? Keep getting a 404 error...

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how your http request is? – Cuong Le Oct 12 '12 at 7:22

Please remember about adding routes in proper order.

The routing mechanism is using the first route it can match so if the "api/{controller}/{action}/{query}" route was defined first, then a call like api/g/1 will also use this route, not the second on.

Rule of thumb here is to define most specific routes first and most general routes last - you can also read this answer for more details.

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I understand that but I do not have a 'g' controller, what I'm trying to achieve is to have a controller that can take a number of paths... my query will not be specifying actions or anything, it will literally only say /api/g/operator, I would then like to receive operator as a string into my method. Is that possible? – Adriaan Davel Oct 16 '12 at 11:56
@AdriaanDavel Please read my answer carefully, it is all about routes order. In your case you have defined "api/{controller}/{action}/{query}" as the first route so it is the one that framework will use. You don't have 'g' controller so it will fail. But if you define "api/g/{identifier}" as the first route, than a call like /api/g/operator will be directed to controller Else and action Generalise while every action which is not starting with '/api/g/...' will be skipped by this route and analyzed by the second, more general one. – tpeczek Oct 16 '12 at 12:02
I have moved that route all the way to the top and it is still not finding it... If I add [HttpGet] to my method it gets the method, but it does not pass the identifier... – Adriaan Davel Oct 17 '12 at 5:36
@AdriaanDavel I'm sorry but I'm not able to reproduce your issue with RTM version of Web API, can you make a sample project available somewhere so the issue can be further analysed? – tpeczek Oct 17 '12 at 18:17

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