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What is method equivalent for the following:

MyType1 myType1;

MyType2 myType2;

I can replace @Mock with mock(MyType1.class).

But how can I replace @InjectMocks with a method call? Something like this:

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Why using Autowired in your junit test? Since you are mocking the dependencies for MyType2 you must know its concreate implementation when you write your test.

Then you don't need and shouldn't use Spring or any injection framework to create the instance of MyType2 that you want to test. Create it directly in your test initialization! I know that after some years of using IoC frameworks, it's difficult to write myType2 = new MyType2Impl(mock(myType1.class)) but it will really makes your tests simpler, and faster (because no application context to build). E.g.:

public void setup() {
  myType1 = mock(MyType1.class);
  myType2 = new MyType2Impl(myType1);

But if you really want to use IoC in your junit tests, use springockito has suggested by Brice, and build your mock MyType1 in your application context.

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There is no public API in Mockito for mock injection. Plus as this annotation is mostly driven on the way things are laid out in a test, it is fairly related to the initialization phase of the test.

Though it might change at some point in the future.

However Mockito annotated fields can be initialized either by the MockitoJUnitRunner or by MockitoAnnotations.initMocks(). They both create mock instances and perform injection.

Also I see in your code that you are using @Autowired - hence spring stuff, probably configured via XML. @InjectMocks wasn't really developed to work with other dependency injection frameworks, as the development was driven by unit test use cases, not integration tests.

You might want to take a look at springockito, which is another project that tries to ease Mockito mock creation in Spring.

Hope that helps

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