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I was trying to rotate WebView with setRotationX() / setRotationY() methods but if they are used, web page contents get completely messed up.

Are these rotation methods applicable to WebViews?


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I tried using software and hardware layers (LAYER_TYPE_SOFTWARE / HARDWARE) - either web page content is rendered incorrectly, or UI gets quite slow especially if there are many WebViews. So currently, best solution is to use OpenGL for 3D effects. –  myself Oct 25 '12 at 20:27

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Why don't you use setRequestedOrientation ?

or if you only want to rotate the webview content, why don't you do this directly in your webview content, using javascript ?

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Hi Jule, I'm trying to rotate the whole WebView around X or Y axis; this has the effect of 3D. setRequestedOrientation, on the other hand, "rotates" around the Z axis. –  myself Oct 25 '12 at 20:25
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To close the question, these are the solutions:

  • use only simplest web pages and built-in 3D rotation methods (setRotationX()/Y()) will work
  • 'take screenshot' of a WebView and use it as a texture in OpenGL to do 3D transformations
  • wait until built-in 3D methods are fixed for WebView's
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