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I m trying to write spring mvc application with ajax and jquery and stuck at some point and not able to find solution since last 1 week..please help me out.

i want send request for showing all my users in database using ajax,see how i done

Show User List

now javascript ajax request

function doAjaxPost(id)
{ var submitId=id;
                type: "POST",

                url: "showUserList.html",
                success: function(response){
                // we have the response

      //Not getting this                $('#listofUser').html(response);
                error: function(e){
                alert('Error: ' + e);


now see me controller

@RequestMapping(value="/showUserList",method = RequestMethod.POST)
    public @ResponseBody ModelMap showUserList()
        System.out.println("Ajax Request For user List");
        List<UserDetails> userList=service.getAllUser();
        ModelMap model=new ModelMap();
        model.put("users", userList);
        return model;

now see how i m displaying the user list on jsp page

<div id="listofUser">
<c:if test="${!empty users}">

<table id="rounded-corner" summary="List Of System Users">

            <th scope="col" class="rounded-select">Select</th>
            <th scope="col" class="rounded-id">ID</th>
            <th scope="col" class="rounded-fname">Name</th>

            <th scope="col" class="rounded-gender">Gender</th>
            <th scope="col" class="rounded-username">UserName</th>
            <!-- <th scope="col" class="rounded-password">Password</th> -->
            <th scope="col" class="rounded-usertype">Type</th>
            <th scope="col" class="rounded-userStatus">Status</th>
            <th scope="col" class="rounded-Email">Email</th>
            <th scope="col" class="rounded-address">Address</th>
            <th scope="col" class="rounded-phno">PhoneNo.</th>
     <form action="adminOperations.html" name="userListForm" onsubmit="return ConfirmOperation();"  method="post">   

        <c:forEach items="${users}" var="users" varStatus="status">
            <td><input type="checkbox" value="${users.id}" id="select" name="select"/></td>
            <td><c:out value="${users.id}" /></td>
            <td><c:out value="${users.firstName}" />&nbsp;<c:out value="${users.lastName}" /></td>

            <td><c:out value="${users.gender}" /></td>
            <td><c:out value="${users.userName}" /></td>
            <%-- <td><c:out value="${users.userPassword}" /></td> --%>
            <td><c:out value="${users.userType}" /></td>
            <td><c:out value="${users.status}" /></td>
            <td><c:out value="${users.emailId}" /></td>
            <td><c:out value="${users.address}" /></td>

            <td><c:out value="${users.contactNo}" /></td>



            <td colspan="12" class="rounded-foot-center" align="center">

            <input type="submit" name="activate" id="activate" value="Activate" onClick="ButtonClicked(this);">&nbsp;&nbsp;
            <input type="submit" name="deactivate" id="deactivate" value="Deactivate" onClick="ButtonClicked(this);">&nbsp;&nbsp;
            <input type="submit" name="update" id="update" value="Update" onclick="ButtonClicked(this);">
            <input type="submit" name="delete" id="delete" value="Delete" onclick="ButtonClicked(this);">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;



<c:if test="${empty users}">

    There are currently no user found.



....................................................................... what i m not getting is , when response come from controller(ModelMap object in my case) how would i pass model containing list of users to my jsp page so that it can display. i tried
$('#listofUser').html(response); but it is not working, i want model containing (model.put("users", userList);) users to be available from javascript to my display part.. please help me out..... thanks and regards, Hemant Singh

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<a href="#nogo3" class="sub-link" id="showUserList" onclick="doAjaxPost(this.id);">Show User List</a> –  Hemant Singh Oct 12 '12 at 8:32

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i am using spring mvc

 public ModelAndView showUserList(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception {
     return new ModelAndView("GiveAnyName","users", userList);

Now you can get User List in JSP Page  

    List rows = (List) request.getAttribute("users");
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how use this in spring mvc with ajax?? –  Hemant Singh Oct 15 '12 at 10:52

@ResponseBody doesn't work like that, you should return a JSON and in order to display the content you can do it with jQuery but is a bit tricky, that's why I recommend to you AngularJS, forget JSTL.

Here there is a tutorial where SpringMVC, JSTL and asynchronous requests work together

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