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I am having a problem while looping through one of my loop constructions.

I get Question instances out of my database and one of the fields of the instance is Attempts. I pulled my database from my device and inspected it and all fields of the column attempts are filled with ints greater than 0.

int initialAttempts = 0;
initialAttempts = c.getInt(6);

and in my custom array adapter:

if (mView != null) {

    int attempts =  getItem(position).getAttempts();
    int correctAnswer = getItem(position).getAnswerCorrect();

    if(correctAnswer == 1) { 
    else if (correctAnswer != 1 && attempts > 0) { 

So the problem is it never shows trianglered. If I drop the && attempts > 0, it does show the trianglered, so I assume the error is in there. The strange thing is if I initialize attempts as 1 before the getItem(position).getAttempts, it still shows no trianglereds.

Any ideas where this goes wrong?

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Can you show your getAttempts() method? – Vitali Olshevski Oct 12 '12 at 8:11
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getItem(position).getAttempts() method returns 0. There are no other variants. Why it returns 0 is the question to you. Prefer debugging instead of asking such questions.

PS. No need to check for correctAnswer != 1 in else if statement. The opposite statement has already been checked in if and it was false.

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