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NetBeans supports emacs-style keybindings, but for some reason it uses cmd as the "meta" key instead of alt, which seems to be the standard on OS X. (Terminal.app has a checkbox for "use option as meta key", for example.) How can I switch to using alt/option as the "meta" key for emacs-style keybindings?

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Not too long ago I'd export, edit and import an xml file using the keymap panel in preferences.

Now I'd do some file renaming in ~/.netbeans/6.7/config/Keymaps/profile

The Netbeans Key Codes seem to be:

 In 2008     NB 6.7.1     PC       Mac   
    D           M        Meta    command 
    S           S        Shift   shift   
    O           C        Ctrl    control 
    A           A        Alt     option
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Those files somehow represent keybindings? There don't seem to be enough of them. Also, what do I do? The files have names like A-W.shadow_hidden D-6.shadow DS-F.shadow OS-D.shadow, etc. –  mjs Aug 30 '09 at 23:10

Actually you can go to ~/.netbeans/6.*/config/Editors/Keybings/profilename

And its a big XML file that you can edit.

Also despite his list up above, I see this in most commands.

A - option (alt)
D - command (meta)
S - Shift
O - Control

I was able to happily assign commands to use option.

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But that seems to require editing every command. It'd be nice to just do a mass switch, since the keybindings are systematically backwards. –  Josh Bleecher Snyder Jul 19 '10 at 21:29

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