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I have a question on jQuery / Ajax, I don't know if what I want to do is ok or not, hope it is.

Anyways here's the problem:

I have multiple hidden divs in a page, that are showed on a click of a link that has a class, the reason is so that I don"t have 30+ html pages to do.

But I have a slider on the homepage that when we click on, redirects to this page, and has to execute that show commande.

Here is my logic:

if previousUrl='index.html#cool'{
     hide '#main';
     show '#cool';

Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance !

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You should not rely on previous URL. On your homepage, you could have redirections to your specific page with a hashtag


Then on that page, you can read the hashtag

window.location.hash; // '#div-to-show'

So you could achieve your stuff

$('.div').hide() // Assuming your divs have class="div". However you could hide divs with CSS by default.

Hope this helps

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This will most likely help alot ! I'll try this in a couple of hours. Thanks alot –  Sebastien Crapoulet Oct 12 '12 at 10:15

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