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I would like to change the Safari default search engine programmatically on Mac OS X. I know there are 3 possible values, but where Safari stores the current value? I would like to change from Google to Yahoo from Cocoa code. Is it possible?

I've seen in the a SearchProviderIdentifierMigratedToSystemPreference variable is set to YES in the com.apple.Safari.plist file, that can be located at ~/Library/Preferences. This could be the key to the current value, but where the "System Preference" is stored? Do you have any clues about this?

Update: I've found the this command defaults read -g NSPreferredWebServices always returns the selected default search engine. The problem with this is that when I change the value of it, the safari doesn't changes the value.
Here's the command that changes the value to Bing:
defaults write -g NSPreferredWebServices '{NSWebServicesProviderWebSearch = { NSDefaultDisplayName = Bing; NSProviderIdentifier = "com.bing.www"; }; }';

This command should be executed in the terminal.

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