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enter image description here or

typedef struct {
   unsigned int gp_offset;
   unsigned int fp_offset;
   void *overflow_arg_area;
   void *reg_save_area;
} va_list[1];

I see both of them when searching.

BTW,what does the va_list[1] mean?

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How va_list is defined is entirely up to your compiler, operating system and ABI. On some operating systems it can be defined by a struct or even a simple pointer to something, on others it is just internal compiler black magic that can't be expressed with a C struct.

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What does [1] mean in the typedef? –  new_perl Oct 12 '12 at 8:46

you can find all these on this


There you can notice when the definitions of the va_list is changing according to the environment.

You can also find some information on follows.


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