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Secondly, I have an SVG form transform in different path using raphaeljs lib.
I would like to get a path by calling him with the function of raphaeljs 2.1.0 => getById(id);
However Chrome or Firefox tell me that there is no function getById ! I don't understand why ?

This is a piece of my code :

rsrGroups = [path_c_trsp,path_i_trsp,path_l_trsp,path_o_trsp];
len = rsrGroups.length;

for(var i = 0; i < len; i++){
    var el = rsrGroups[i];

el.mouseover(function() {
        var getPath = el.getById(''); // here is  the method called !
        el.animate({opacity: 0.5},350,function () {});
            tri.animate({opacity: 0.5},350,function () {});
    this.animate({opacity: 1},350,function () {});

And this is the error given by Chrome :

Uncaught TypeError: Object Raphaël’s object has no method 'getById'

I tried different things but no one works :/

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getById is a method on the paper object, not the element i.e.

var paper = Raphael(10, 50, 320, 200);

or if you don't have access to the paper variable you could call el.paper.getById

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Thank you, I find it by myself after looking at my code ^^ I have to do var getPath = rsr.getById(; – Glou94 Oct 12 '12 at 9:42

Do you mean el.getElementById('')?

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This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. – evilone Oct 12 '12 at 8:59

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