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Can I take advantage of CUDA texture filtering when using 16-bit float texture type? I have already made test with 32-bit float texture in CUDA 3D Array and filtering works fine. CUDA doesn't support unsigned short texture interpolation, which would be perfect for me, as it occupies less memory space.

I'm thinking about this solution - correct me if i'm wrong:

  • convert my unsigned short data to 16-bit floats in range [0;1]; (how?)
  • malloc 3D array width cudaCreateChannelDescHalf() channel descriptor
  • bind texture of unsigned short data to that array
  • send it to the GPU memory, into the 3D array;
  • in kernel - use tex3D() function to get values

See answer below...

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Again I answer my own question. Next time I'll try to dig more before posting here...

I think the problem was with the texture declaration:

texture<unsigned short, cudaTextureType3D, cudaReadModeNormalizedFloat> tex;

Filtering, as I see, is supported only if the returned value is float type, which can be forced with cudaReadModeNormalizedFloat as above. Then tex3D returns [0;1] interpolated float value.

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