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When I map a WebDAV drive as a network drive in Windows 7 (Using the Map Network Drive option in Explorer), the mapped drive size is shown as exactly what my C: drive size is. e.g. my C: drive is 40GB with 2GB free. My network drive is 200 GB and empty. But explorer shows my network drive as 40GB with 2GB free. When I try to copy a file size larger than 2GB, it does not let me do it.

I am asking this question on StackOverflow, because I am developing this WebDAV server. I am using the open source Java based Milton framework. I modified it to send the quota-available-bytes and quota-used-bytes. However, Windows is still showing the size incorrectly. Please not that Finder in OS X is able to show the correct drive size, so I don't think this is an issue with the server.

A google search reveals that this is a known Windows issue. Is there a workaround for it?

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According to this article, it is by design, not a known Windows issue.

"This is by design. A WebDAV mapped drive's capacity is set to match the client machine's System drive capacity. This means that the capacity you get from a WebDAV mapped drive is the same as your local System drive. System drive is where Windows is installed."

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