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I am developing a keyboard based on android LatinIME, the problem is that I cannot click on anything behind InputView. (In android keyboard this view is visible and clickable through when doing google search for example).

To be precise this is the view that can be clicked through in original keyboard from input-view.xml

    android:layout_height="@dimen/key_preview_backing_height" />

I turned on visual debug by setting sVISUALDEBUG in LatinIMELogger.java to true so I can see these are in transparent red.

Any possible suggestion about what can be broken so it works this way?

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I resolved this issue. The problem was that in compatibility.InputMethodService.Insets in android 2.1 doesn't support TOUCHABLE_INSETS_REGION constant, so I had to changed it TOUCHABLE_INSETS_VISIBLE to enable clicking through invisible views of my keyboard (i.e. SuggestionsView)

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