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I want to know what exactly happens when I close the entire window(like alt-f4) and it does not ask me for a file name to save the file with. And surprisingly, on reopening everything reopens as it is. How can I know where the buffer is being saved?

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It keeps buffer for the open file.Note that multiple views may refer to the same buffer, but they have their own unique selection and geometry. – Rahul Gautam Oct 12 '12 at 9:47
yes, where does it save the buffer(since it is able to reopen exactly in the same state, it must save it somewhere)? – prongs Oct 12 '12 at 9:51
you can move your question to Super User, /home/user/.config/sublime-text-2/Settings/ can get file location from here – Rahul Gautam Oct 12 '12 at 10:04

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