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While programming i have some problem with Encoding..

In United States En-US like Norweigian encoding ?

I want norweigian encoding ?

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There are no such encodings, or at most they are unofficial (and misleading) names for encodings. There is a registry (by IANA) of character encodings, with preferred names and alias names.

“United States En-US” sounds like an attempt to give a “friendly” name to a locale. A locale does not imply a particular encoding.

My guess is that “Norwegian encoding” means either windows-1252 or ISO-8859-1 these days, but it could also be some old encoding.

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Not a reliable answer, but a reference source I would like to mention:

Character Encoding Recommendation for Languages. Please note that ISO-8859-4 is mentioned for the northern scandinavic languages. I have no experience though. Windows-1252 seems possible too, maybe missing some Norwegian sign though, and that is the same as in the United States: Windows extension of Latin-1.

In general it would be best if UTF-8 is possible: full Unicode, for all languages.

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