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I have uploaded source code of my product on the site .

My site name is for eg:- testcoder.com

now...the thing is i have many clients to whom i wanted to provide service but they want there domain needs to be

client1.testcoder.com client2.testcoder.com

i have created a subdomain as well but the basic thing is code is same for all the clients so what i did is i kept my code under


Now i want .htaccess virtual host in such a way that even the client uses

"client1.testcoder.com" browser needs to server the code from "code.testcoder.com" and in the same way "client1.testcoder.com/test1.php" needs to be "code.testcoder.com/test1.php"....

i wanted to do it from .htaccess only as i am using shared hosting....

Thanks in advance

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You don't need to do anything. Just make sure all the subdomains use the same document root as the code.testcoder.com domain. You don't need to do anything special in htaccess unless you have existing rules there to rewrite rules that are hardcoded for the host: code.testcoder.com

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