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I have a website that will be in english and french. I wonder what is the best stategy to adopt for writing the url's for seo:

So far, I plan do to something like this:

product page:

  • both cases: en.mysite.com/product/123/my-product-slug-english
    • option 1: fr.mysite.com/product/123/slug-du-produit-francais
    • option 2: fr.mysite.com/produit/123/slug-du-produit-francais

Search page:

  • both cases: en.mysite.com/search/user-search
    • option 1: fr.mysite.com/search/recherche-utilisateur
    • option 2: fr.mysite.com/recherche/recherche-utilisateur

The products slugs will be translated for better seo in the specific language. But should I translate as well other non-dynamic parts of the urls (as in case 2) ? In the case 2, will google be able to:

  • Figure that my website is in french
  • Translate product to figure that the page is actually about a product
  • Then match a user seach in google where the search contains the word product such as in produit de beauté or recherche sur mysite
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