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Below is the image of my crystal reports in VS2008. I want to highlight the values (Red color) which are the below average of the total values. Like 'AAG' has total value 1551 and the average of 10 days is 1551/10 = 155.1. Now which date has value below than 155 should highlights in Red color(150,143,148,129,142). How I can do that?? Any idea ?

enter image description here

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Check the following

1) Go to format object -> border tab -> background formula field

paste this formula

IF GridRowColumnValue ("Table.Total")  < 1550
then color(150,143,148,129,142)    
else crWhite
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I want for dynamic values. For every Name and result of total will be different for different date. –  Mohsinjan110 Oct 12 '12 at 12:07

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