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I developed a plugin in eclipse, this plugin should call ant task sshexec. The problem is how can I print the remote messages in the eclipse console?

My code is like below:

 Project p = new Project(); 

 MessageConsole console = new MessageConsole("building", null); 
 IConsoleManager manager = (IConsoleManager) ConsolePlugin.getDefault().getConsoleManager(); 
 manager.addConsoles(new IConsole[] { console }); 

 MessageConsoleStream cs = console.newMessageStream(); 
 PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(cs); 

 final DefaultLogger consoleLogger = new DefaultLogger(); 

 ProjectHelper helper = ProjectHelper.getProjectHelper(); 
 helper.parse(p, buildFile); 


When executing the sshexec target to compile , I always get the output messages like

[sshexec] cd ...; ls ...; ....

It only prints the command I write, but the remote machine's compile message cannot print in the console. And once errors got in the compile procedure, it still returned build successfully.
How can I print the remote messages in the console and get the error result?

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OK, I just solve this problem in another way. I used the process=Runtime.getRuntime().exec("java -jar ant-launcher.jar -f build.xml") to execute the ant task. But remember to start two threads to read the process.getInputStream() and process.getErrorStream().

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