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I have one login window and main window. Now, I want to close loginwindow wnen successfully login and my main window should open. But so far, I am geeting both window open which is irritating me.. I have tried code below in code behind of app.xaml but it closes the whole application...

DataRepository repository = new DataRepository();
ViewModelPassword viewModelPassword = new ViewModelPassword(repository);

passwordDialog passwordDialog = new PasswordDialog();
passwordDialog.DataContext = viewModelPassword;

viewModelPassword.RequestClose += (s, ee) => passwordDialog.Close();

Mainviewmodel viewModel = new Mainviewmodel (repository, viewModelPassword.Login);
MainWindow window = new MainWindow();

window.DataContext = viewModel;


After login command successfully login, I want to display mainwindow.

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You are showing both Windows before even running the startup code, so on application startup both windows are showing.

Here's the code I typically use for this scenario:

protected override void OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)
    // Run startup code first

    // Create Login Window and Show it
    var login = new LoginDialog();
    var loginVm = new LoginViewModel();

    login.DataContext = loginVm;

    // If login window didn't return true (login failed), exit application
    if (!login.DialogResult.GetValueOrDefault())

    // Providing we have a successful login, start main application window
    var app = new ShellView();
    var context = new ShellViewModel(loginVm.CurrentUser);
    app.DataContext = context;
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yes got my problem thnx fo hlp –  khushbu Oct 13 '12 at 5:27

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