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How can I create library that using in android features? And how can I add this library to my app and use it?

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For Creating Library, Follow below steps:

Select the project from the Package Explorer (eclipse) or create a new one and open Properties dialog by pressing Alt+Enter ( or right click + Properties) and check the IsLibray checkbox.

See this link: http://developer.android.com/tools/projects/projects-eclipse.html

For adding library project into to your application, Follow below steps:

2.Select Android Project
3.Select "Create Project from existing source"
4.Click "Browse..." button and navigate to johannilsson-android-actionbar\actionbar
5.Finish (Now action bar project in your workspace)
6.Right-click on your project -> Properties
7.In Android->Library section click Add
8.select recently added project -> Ok

Hope, this will helps you.

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There are many other questions like this, use the search functionality.

I will give you some hints:

  • create a regular android project in eclipse

  • go to proprieties

  • in Android section check "is Library" checkbox.

Now you can go to other eclipse projects propreties and now you can include your Library project inside others

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