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I have a method in my controller upload method which converts the uploaded image file into three different sizes. I want to dispaly the time taken from when the file is uploaded and and the end of the method the conversion stopped can any one tell me how can I do this

       this is my controller

           public ActionResult Upload()
        //ViewBag.ProcessingTime = DateTime.Now;
        return View();

        public ActionResult Uploading(ImageModel model)
            if (ModelState.IsValid)

                Console.WriteLine("time is"+System.DateTime.Now);

                string fileName = Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + System.DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd/hh/mm/ss/fff");
                string serverPath = Server.MapPath("~");
                string imagesPath = serverPath + "Content\\Images\\";
                string thumsise = Path.Combine(imagesPath, "Thumb" + fileName);
                string thumbPath = Path.Combine(imagesPath, "Thu" + fileName);
                //string thumbPath = imagesPath + "Thumb\\";
                string fullPath = Path.Combine(imagesPath, "Full" + fileName);
                //string fullPath = imagesPath + "Full\\";
               // string Bigpath = imagesPath + "big\\";
                string Bigpath = Path.Combine(imagesPath, "big" + fileName);
                string Bigpatha = Path.Combine(imagesPath, "biga" + fileName);
                string Bigpathb = Path.Combine(imagesPath, "bigb" + fileName);
                //string Bigpatha = imagesPath + "biga\\";
                //string Bigpathb = imagesPath + "bigb\\";
                string Bigpathc = Path.Combine(imagesPath, "bigc" + fileName );
                //string Bigpathc = imagesPath + "bigc\\";
                //var firstSize = Path.Combine(uploadFolder, "bigsize-" + Path.GetFileName(uploadedFile));
                ImageModel.ResizeAndSave(thumsise, fileName, model.ImageUploaded.InputStream, 80, true);
                ImageModel.ResizeAndSave(thumbPath, fileName, model.ImageUploaded.InputStream, 100, true);
                ImageModel.ResizeAndSave(fullPath, fileName, model.ImageUploaded.InputStream, 500, true);
                ImageModel.ResizeAndSave(Bigpath, fileName, model.ImageUploaded.InputStream, 200, true);
                ImageModel.ResizeAndSave(Bigpatha, fileName, model.ImageUploaded.InputStream, 250, true);
                ImageModel.ResizeAndSave(Bigpathb, fileName, model.ImageUploaded.InputStream, 150, true);
                ImageModel.ResizeAndSave(Bigpathc, fileName, model.ImageUploaded.InputStream, 50, true);
                Console.WriteLine("Time is " + System.DateTime.Now);
            Console.WriteLine("Time is "+System.DateTime.Now);

            return View();
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You will have to add the additional fields in your Model:

 public DateTime StartTime { get; set; }
 public DateTime OperatingTime { get; set; }
 public DateTime EndTime { get; set; }

Then assign each appropriately, i.e. StartTime = DateTime.Now;

Then in your View:



I would personally wrap the upload image functionality into a new method, preferably in your ImageModel class. You could then do: model.UploadImage(fileName, imagePath);

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Use a stopwatch

   var stopwatch = new Stopwatch();
   //whatever you want to time
   var result1 = string.Format("{0} to run whatever ", 

for multiple timings then you can reset stopwatch and do more timings similar to the first one.

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what do i have to do "{0} to run whatever " this place – SoftwareNerd Oct 12 '12 at 11:02
{0} will be replaced by stopwatch.Elapsed.ToString(). i'll update to use your console if you like – dove Oct 12 '12 at 11:03

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