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Is this kind of grouping possible for Silverlight DataGrids?

Silverlight DataGrid Grouping

The first three rows of the first column are combined into one block because their data are the same.

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No, the default Silverlight datagrid control does not support this kind of grouping, however you can achive a similar result using template columns:

First you should create a Class that would contain the grouped data, something like this:

   string GroupColumn {get;set;}
   List<object> GroupedColumn1 {get;set;}

Then bind your DataGrid to a collection of MySourceClass (or whatever name you call it), and create a TextColumn for Column1, and a TemplateColumn for Column2 with a ListBox or similar, and bind the source of the Listbox to the GroupedColumn property.

You might have to thinker a bit with the styles, but i'm pretty sure you can acomplish a solid look with this aproach.

EDIT: Alternatively you could use the default DataGrid grouping, her's a good example for it:

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That's a bit of a hack with other complications. :-) For example, I cannot just use my server data contract the way I like, and tabbed editing will be messed up, but it is probably the closest to a working solution. –  Peet Brits Dec 11 '12 at 13:07
I will not use this answer (see my previous comment), but I marked it as the answer because it is probably the closest solution to simulate the desired result. –  Peet Brits Jan 7 '13 at 14:22

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