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I am looking for a way to override the behaviour of BrowseImage(ClientPipelineArgs args) method in Sitecore.Shell.Applications.ContentEditor.Image class (Sitecore 6).

This blog post (Integrate an external media library into Sitecore – Part 2) confirms it is possible.

I have created a custom implementation of Image class, but can't find where to register it. I did a search on all Sitecore config file in the solution but could not find any references.

I suspect there is a configuration option somewhere in the Core database.
Any ideas on where I might find this?

Edit: Posted this on Sitecore support.

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Do you have a custom implementation of the image editor field or just the image template? Do you want the custom image gallery images to be viewed as items in the tree or not? –  marto Oct 12 '12 at 13:23

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You should be able to add a reference to your new type in the following sitecore location:

/sitecore/system/Field types/Simple Types/Image

enter image description here

You can register your type in the normal way specifying your assembly and class names.

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Found a solution.
The issue was I set Assembly and Class field values, but did not clear Control field value.

Correct configuration below:

enter image description here

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