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I seems to have a problem with a circular dependency in my app. I have tested all the classes and they work well, however I am not able to instantiate them when running my app.

The root of the problem is in this class

public class HttpClientProvider implements Provider<HttpClient> {

    private UserAgent userAgent;
    private HttpResponseInterceptor interceptor;

    private DefaultHttpClient httpClient = new DefaultHttpClient();

    public HttpClient get() {
        httpClient.getParams().setParameter(CoreProtocolPNames.USER_AGENT, userAgent.getUserAgent());
        return httpClient;

This class provides the httpClient and adds an interceptor. The interceptor looks like this provider is used to provider the httpclient for this class

public class ServerCommunicator implements ServerCommunicator {

    public static final String URL = "";

    private HttpClient httpClient;
    private HttpContext httpContext;

    public ServerCommunicator(HttpClient httpClient, HttpContext httpContext) {
        this.httpClient = httpClient;
        this.httpContext = httpContext;

    public HttpResponse post(String URN, String entity) throws IOException {
        HttpPost httpPost = new HttpPost(URL + URN);
        httpPost.setHeader("Content-type", "application/json");
        httpPost.setHeader("Accept", "application/json");
        httpPost.setEntity(new StringEntity(entity));
        return httpClient.execute(httpPost, httpContext);

    public HttpResponse get(String URN) throws IOException {
        return httpClient.execute(new HttpGet(URL + URN),  httpContext);

    public HttpResponse delete(String URN) throws IOException {
        return httpClient.execute(new HttpDelete(URL + URN),  httpContext);


The problems comes because the httpResponseInterceptor also uses the ServerCommunicator class to send requests to the server when the user is not authenitcated.

How to resolve this?

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So HttpClientProvider relies on HttpResponseInterceptor which relies on ServerCommunicator which requires a HttpClient from the Provider. Can the HttpResponseInterceptor use a different HttpClient, i.e. one that is not intercepted? – Jeff Bowman Oct 12 '12 at 19:33
It could but I solved it with making the ServerCommunicator a singleton. I will write an answer when I get chance – jiduvah Oct 12 '12 at 21:02

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