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Is it possible to add text between date and time in PHP ?

echo date();

This will create (07-06-2014 00:00)
But i want (07-06-2014 at 00:00 hours).

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What exactly do you want to accomplish? –  Dainis Abols Oct 12 '12 at 11:27

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Derived from your example which you provided a bit late

echo date('d-m-Y \a\t H:i:s') . ' hours';

if it's a datetime object

echo $datetime->format('d-m-Y \a\t H:i:s') . ' hours';

if you already have it as a string

echo str_replace(' ', ' at ', $datetime) . ' hours';
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\a\t returns a for me. Put another \a\\t works, though. –  rybo111 May 30 at 16:52

First please put the given date in ISO Format so that strtotime() can read it and then use date() function to format the date accordingly.

date('/*DATE FORMAT YOU WANTED*/', strtotime('/*ISO FORMATTED DATE*/'));
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yes you can.

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Perhaps change this to $display=$date.' at '.$time; Notice the spaces around at. –  Denis Priebe May 7 at 16:36

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