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I am writing a program in python and using tarfile to extract tarfiles. Some of these tarfiles contain folders which start with a / or (Alternatively for windows \) which cause problems (files are extracted to wrong place). How can I get around this issue and make sure that the extraction ends up in correct place ?

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The docs for tarfile explicitly warn about such a scenario. Instead you need to iterate over the content of the tar file and extract each file individually:

import os
import tarfile

extract_to = "."
tfile ='so.tar')

members = tfile.getmembers()
for m in members:
    if[0] == os.sep: =[1:]
    tfile.extract(m, path=extract_to)
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Did you try extractall() method? As I remeber one of the this method arguments contains information where archive should be extracted.

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Yes but if there is a \ infront of the file inside, it messes up everything.. (there is also a warning about this in official docs) –  Cemre Oct 12 '12 at 11:43

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