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it's my code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var grid = $("#list");
var grid = $("#list");
datatype: 'xml',
mtype: 'GET',
colNames:['ID sprzętu','Kod sprzętu', 'Właściciel','Konfiguracja'],
colModel :[ 
  {name:'SprzetID', index:'SprzetID', width:90}, 
  {name:'Kod', index:'Kod', width:120, editable: true}, 
  {name:'Wlasciciel', index:'Wlasciciel', width:200, align:'left', editable: true}, 
  {name:'Konfiguracja', index:'Konfiguracja', width:400, align:'left', editable: true}, 
pager: '#pager',
sortname: 'SprzetID',
sortorder: 'asc',
viewrecords: true,
gridview: true,
caption: 'Lista sprzętu'
      {add: true, edit: true, del: true, search: true}, //options
      {width:400, }, // edit options
      {width:400,closeAfterAdd: true, url:'add.php'}, // add options
      {reloadAfterSubmit:false}, // del options
      {width:600} // search options

All is great, when adding record to database is correctly, but when for example field "Kod" is duplicate (it's unique field), record can't be add to database... and isn't. I want to display alert with error message, but I can't find in documentation how to do it... I gues,I should use "afterSubmit", but how... I don't know.

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Resolved. In add parameters I added code:

afterSubmit: function(response, postdata) {
              if(response.responseText != ""){
                  return [false, response.responseText];

                  return [true,"Ok"];
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