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In my scipt i'm getting a string from a file and i would like this string to be interpreted as a var:

for /f %%G in (..\..\outrep.txt) do SET AUTOIMPORTDIR=%%G

In my outrep.txt file I have: %USERPROFILE%

So I would like AUTOIMPORTDIR equals to C:\Documents and Settings\myUser and it's actually equals to %USERPROFILE%

What can i do to interpret this string as a Variable?

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In this situation you can use one more instance of FOR /F to evaluate the string %USERPROFILE% using the option to execute the ECHO command:

FOR /F %%G IN (..\..\outrep.txt) DO
    FOR /F "tokens=*" %%H IN ('ECHO %%G') DO SET AUTOIMPORTDIR=%%H

Important detail: the tokens=* option is necessary if the value you want to fetch includes spaces or tabs.

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With those lines I have a syntax error, I tried to play with it to make the error disappear whitout any success. Edit: now it's ok, just added the second for loop into () and it works like a charm! –  darkheir Oct 12 '12 at 12:17
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