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I have javascript associative array following

var list = {};
list['a'] = 'one';
list['b'] = 'two';
list['c'] = 'two';

By jquery ajax, I want pass only values of list array in json format.


How can I do it?

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Side note: it's not an associative array, it's an object. – Florian Margaine Oct 12 '12 at 12:12

You may use $.map() to extract values:

    data: {
        list: $.map(list, function(val) { return val; })
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var list = {};
list['a'] = 'one';
list['b'] = 'two';
list['c'] = 'two';

var newObj = {
    "list": []

for (key in list) {



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There are no associative arrays in javascript, only objects whose properties have no order. That means if you wanted to build an array of them, you'd need to sort the properties first:

var list = {a:'one', b:'two', c:'two'};

var result = {list:[]},
    keys = [];
for (var key in list)
for (var i=0; i<keys.length; i++)
    result.list[i] = list[keys[i]];
return JSON.stringify(result);

Or the same thing with some helper functions, which may not be supported natively by all browsers:

return {list: Object.keys(list).sort().map(function(key) { return list[key]; })};
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