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I am developing an eclipse plugin. It has other plugin/feature dependencies. However I want to add my own favorite JAR/libriaries to it, like say logback for example. How can I do this so that when I eventually deploy it to an update site, it will have these jars on the classpath?

Also, I am currently using eclipse to run the plugin (it opens another instance of eclipse) to run this. This will also need to have the jar on the classpath.

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You can try these steps :-

  1. Use Import>File System to import the jar files into your plugin project, say in the /lib directory.
  2. Use "Add..." to add the jars to the classpath section of the plugin.xml>Runtime tab.
  3. Use "New..." to add "." library back (with no quotes, of course).
  4. make sure your binary build exports the new jar files on the plugin.xml>Build tab.
  5. save.
  6. on the project, use context menu>PDE Tools>Update Classpath to correctly add the jars to the eclipse project classpath.
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In plugin-manifest editor select Runtime tab and add you jar in classpath section.

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