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I am using the Maven plugin for JMeter (http://jmeter.lazerycode.com/).

In my JMeter test plan I have defined various properties e.g. hostName, threadCount etc.

If I were to use the standard JMeter program from the command line I would specify the properties like this:

jmeter -n -t mytest.jmx -JhostName=www.example.com -JthreadCount=5

As the Maven JMeter plugin is executed via the following command:

mvn verify

How do I pass the property values? The command:

mvn verify -JhostName=www.example.com -JthreadCount=5

Does not seem to work. I must be missing something obvious

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You can set the properties something like this:


Also check this jmeter-maven-plugin-example

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I understand this. But then I have to create a different pom.xml when I want to run the same test plan, but with different property values. Unless I could do something like <JhostName>${hostName}</JhostName> where I can passthrough the property value to the pom.xml at runtime? –  Ayub Malik Oct 13 '12 at 17:16
I have managed to pass the properties from the command line using "mvn verify -DhostName" which is what I needed. –  Ayub Malik Oct 25 '12 at 22:24

Outside of your <build> block. You can put:


and then update your configuration block to say:


Finally, when executing maven, you can override with:

mvn verify "-Dmy.host=www.testsite.com"
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Finally, when executing maven, you can override with:

mvn verify "-Dmy.host=www.testsite.com" should it not be like this?

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