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He there, I'm new to VB script and I am trying to make a select case to change an emailadress to a combobox choice. I know i'm thinking to easy but i need help with the direction. the combobox works but i cannot get the value chosen in the combobox to trigger the select case.

  Sub Item_Open()

  Set FormPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message")

  Set Control = FormPage.Controls("Subject")


  Set MyPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message")
    Set Mail = MyPage.Item("Subject").Value

    Select Case Mail
        Case SPOED   
            Item.To = "hihi@blabla.com"         

        Case STATUS
            Item.To = "haha@blabla.com"

        Case else
            Item.To = ""    

    End Select

End Sub
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Assuming MyPage.Item("Subject").Value returns a string value like "STATUS". Then you must pick it up in a string variable:

strMail = MyPage.Item("Subject").Value  ' look ma, no Set!

The Select Case X statement evaluates the X expression and compares it to the values Y, ... in the Case Y parts and executes the first block for which (the values of) X and Y are equal. To apply this to strMail containing strings like "SPOED", the Case Y expressions should be string literals:

Select Case strMail
   Case "SPOED"
   Case "STATUS"

If you would have used Option Explicit, VBScript would have told, that SPOED (etc) is (understood as) an unitialized variable that can't be equal to a (decent) strMail.

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