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According to Microsoft project which has been compiled with /clr and /clr:pure options doesn't support unit testing.

However, I can create unit test project and use it for testing /clr and /clr:pure project. But code coverage is not supported at this time.

How can I determine code coverage for C++ project which compiled into DLL with /clr option?

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If it is CLR i.e. compiled to .NET IL under the hood, then you should be able to use most of .NET code-coverage tools, see Code Coverage for C#/.NET for a master list of .NET code-Coverage tools.

Any tool that uses the profiler API, such as OpenCover (free) or NCover (commercial) should have no trouble as they work against the IL and use the PDBs - I can't vouch for the others but I don't see any obvious reasons as to why not.

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