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I'm using FluentValidation 3.4.6, and the target framework of my project is .net 4. I've checked my solution thoroughly to ensure there are no references to older versions of FluentValidation.

I believe this version of FluentValidation has a work-around for a reflection bug introduced in .NET 4.5, however I'm still getting a VerificationException, as described here http://elegantcode.com/2012/08/23/net-4-5-operation-could-destabilize-the-runtime-yikes/

VerificationException is thrown at this point:

MyValidator : AbstractValidator<MyObj>

ctor {
     RuleFor(x => x.SomeProperty).Equal(true);

at FluentValidation.Resources.LocalizedStringSource.CreateFromExpression(Expression`1 expression, IResourceAccessorBuilder resourceProviderSelectionStrategy) in c:\projects\FluentValidation\src\FluentValidation\Resources\LocalizedStringSource.cs:line 66
at FluentValidation.Validators.PropertyValidator..ctor(Expression`1 errorMessageResourceSelector) in c:\projects\FluentValidation\src\FluentValidation\Validators\PropertyValidator.cs:line 46
at FluentValidation.Validators.EqualValidator..ctor(Object valueToCompare, IEqualityComparer comparer) in c:\projects\FluentValidation\src\FluentValidation\Validators\EqualValidator.cs:line 37
at FluentValidation.DefaultValidatorExtensions.Equal[T,TProperty](IRuleBuilder`2 ruleBuilder, TProperty toCompare, IEqualityComparer comparer) in c:\projects\FluentValidation\src\FluentValidation\DefaultValidatorExtensions.cs:line 143
at MyValidator..ctor() in MyValidator.cs:line 22
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We also had this "Destabilize the runtime VerificationException" and indeed the FluentValidation 3.4.6 contains a fix for it, so it should work in theory. You should double check that you really reference the correct dlls... –  nemesv Oct 13 '12 at 14:02
Believe I've done that, packages.config, *.csproj, deleted all FluentValidation.dlls from the top-level solution folder... still no luck –  KierenH Oct 13 '12 at 14:58

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I set Intellitrace to "IntelliTrace events only" and that prevented this issue for me in VS2010.

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Fixes in VS2012 as well. –  Mrchief Jun 23 '13 at 20:40

I was able to run outside the debugger and eventually narrowed it down to intell-trace. Disable intelli-trace if you hit this issue in 3.4.6.

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I also seemed to get around this by adding FluentValidation* to the list of excluded modules in the intellitrace settings (while keeping both events and call info). This was using version 3.4.6 of FV.NET.

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