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I am using ASIHTTPRequest classes from uploading a image on sever using cocoa with a php, But i have reference all the classes that requires in for ASIHTTpRequest,but i am still getting some error,I am newbie to cocoa so not able to understand what the issue please provide me idea for all these errors.

-SCDYNAMICSTORECopyProxies", refernec from [ASIHttpRequest configureProxies] in ASIHttpRequest.o

InflateInit2_", refernce from [ASIDataDecompressor setupStream] in ASIDATADecOmpressor.o

"-inflate", reference from -[ASIDataDecompressor uncompressBytes:length:error] in ASIDataDecompressed.o

"-inflatedEnd", refernce from: -[ASIDataCompressor setupStream] in ASIDataDecopressed.o

"-deflateInit2-", refernced from:

-[ASIDataDecompressed compressedBytes:length:error:shouldfinish:in ASIDataCompressor.o

"-deflateEnd", refernce from

-[ASIDataCompressor closeStream] in ASIDataCompressor.o symbol(s) not found

collect2: id returned 1 exit status

Thanks in advance

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Everyone I faced this problem, because i am using it in Xcode 3.1,if u use in 3.2.3 code then you able to solve this problem.What you need to do include CoreService and libz.dylib library in your framework then you able to solve this problem> have solved my problem.

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