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I'm new to maven world. My organization has maven release process all the artifacts are kept in our maven remote repo, so I want to deliver some specific artifact version to some of our customer. How can I download specific module version?

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In case you don't have a web interface like Nexus for your internal repo, you can create a standalone pom.xml, enter the desired version into the dependencies and call mvn package.

If you need some sample poms and extra info to get you started, you can look here and here

EDIT : I forgot you might expect the artifact to turn up in the same folder as the pom is in. The default maven setting is to download it to a subfolder of /yourHomeFolder/.m2/repository/The name of the subfolder is the group Id of the artifact.

EDIT2: here is a sample setup for downloading the jars into the folder of your choice. If you delete the <outpuDirectory> setting, the artifact jar will be downloaded into the subfolder /dependendies. The execution is bound to the validate phase, so just call mvn validate

<!-- Dependency plugin to download the configured dependencies (transitive). -->
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Thank You Kostja.....I will try what you mention. Is there any way to use mvn dependency:copy-dependencies maven functional for this because I really want download jar file to my specific folder. I have a remote nexus repo – user1741249 Oct 13 '12 at 3:54

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