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I have to do a proof on concept for a parcel delivery system. There are tons of algorithms and concepts out there. The most popular from what I've seen is the Travelling Salesman and Vehicle Routing problems. On a "lower" level I have also studied the posts on this forum and other sources relating to Nearest Neighbor Search, Kd-Trees and Quadtrees. Honestly I am not a mathematics expert so I have difficulty in understanding all the concepts mentioned. I have to admit however they are all very interesting.

What I am after is the most effective way to group given lat/long coordinates based on their bearing and distance from a parcel distribution centre. The thinking is that I would then be able to submit these coordinates via Google API to determine the most optimal route.

I am busy studying the underlying mathematical principles behind them but I am however not sure whether using Quadtrees or Kd-Trees in conjunction with Nearest Neighbor Search is appropriate.

Can any give me some guidance on an effective way in resolving my coordinate grouping dilemma please?

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You are not looking for shortest-path algorithms, You are looking for clustering algorithms. –  apeirogon Oct 12 '12 at 13:39
right now, i believe this should be asked on scicomp.stackexchange.com or math.stackexchange.com . Later, when you have coded something and need help with it, Stack Overflow will be the right place to ask. –  RASG Oct 12 '12 at 17:22

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