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I'm new to Facebook App development and I got this Problem: I've created a Facebook Page (so I'm the administrator). Now I would like to have an external Webpage with a simple textarea and a "send" button. So everybody who has the link to this page could update this Facebook Page even without a Facebook account. This status update should be send by my page administrator account. I thought I could write an app and authorize this app to publish_streams on the page and after the authorization I could switch $fbuser = $facebook->getUser(); to $fbuser = IDOFMYACCOUNT. So the fbuser would be always my account wich is allowed to post to the Page. If I try to use this application with an other browser (wich isn't logged in to my fb account) I get this error: (#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action

So this is the way I thought I could solve my problem. Do you guys have an idea how I (and other people who don't have a FB account or don't wan't to login or I don't want to add them to Facebook Page administrator) could update the Facebook Status of a Page from an external website?

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You will need your token "baked in" to your code and some sort of admin back end to update the access token before it expires.

Also you need manage_pages permission and the token of the page if you want to post as the page.

This can be accessed from /me/accounts

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Could you or someone else give an example how to get this particular token wich I would need (page? user?) and how to "bake" it in and post something with this token? I got the manage_pages permission inside the scope. – Knob1 Oct 12 '12 at 14:26
@Knob1 you just need a way to hold the token in the back end. Either permanently in the code or saved in a database. To get the particular token you need to access /me/accounts and find the page under that response. Example… – phwd Oct 12 '12 at 14:51

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