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I have a very interesting scenario here.

I have setup a SVN master-slave configuration and some hooks on servers:

  • Master
    • pre-commit: to check if commit message contains at least 6 characters
    • pre-revpropchange
    • post-commit: to propagate changes to slave
  • Slave
    • pre-revpropchange - to accepts changes from master

Sometimes I get an error saying post-commit hook failed. When I try to find the error on both server, master says:

Could not MERGE resource

Slave error log says

Could not MERGE resource. A conflict occurred during the MERGE processing. The problem occurred with the //filename//.

Although when next commit comes, both master and slave comes into sync again and everything gets fine. I also think that after error if someone else will try to update same file from slave end it will generate error. This error is not produced for each commit but makes slave be out of sync until next commit.

Pre-Commit hook:

@echo off  
:: Stops commits that don't include a comment of at least 6 characters.        
@echo off  


rem Subversion sends through the repository path and transaction id  
set REPOS=%1  
set TXN=%2           

svnlook log %REPOS% -t %TXN% | findstr ...... > nul  
if %errorlevel% gtr 0 (goto err) else exit 0  

    echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1>&2   
    echo Your commit has been blocked because it didn't include a comment. 1>&2  
    echo Do the commit again, this time with a comment that describes your changes with minimum 6 characters. 1>&2
    echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1>&2  
    exit 1
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Can you post your post-commit hook, please? –  Cigano Morrison Mendez Jul 14 '13 at 17:06

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