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I am currently upgrading from JUnit3 to JUnit4 and I have changed my main test suite to use the @SuiteClasses annotation. However now when I run cobetura it can't find any tests. I have checked to ensure I am seeing the right jar in the Cobertura directory, and the old tests (JUnit3) still work fine.

Also JUnits (Both tests and suites) ran by themselves work fine.

I am sure it may be an issue in the Ant xml files I am using but I can't find it anywhere.

This could also be an issue with findbugs.

Any ideas?

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what is the real question? How cobertura is connected to finding which tests to run? Are you able to run tests without cobertura? Please post relevant ant file content –  Jayan Oct 12 '12 at 16:10

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Problem was Ant 1.6.5 is not compatible with JUnit4

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