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i have table here

 <?php     if ( !empty($kirim) ) 
                            $no = 1;   
                            foreach ($kirim as $row) { ?>  
                            <tr id="row">  
                             <td id="no"><?php echo $no;?></td>  
                             <td id="judul"><?php echo $row->Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa;?></td>  
                             <td id="kategori"><?php echo $row->Nama_Material_Jasa;?></td>  
                             <td id="action"> Edit | Delete </td>
                         //idk how to pass the value for updating
                        //and using YES or NO DialogResult for deleting
                     else { ?>  
            <tr id="row">  
            <td colspan="6" align="center">Tabel Kosong</td>  

and i want to pass the Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa and Nama_Material_Jasa to another form, so we can update the values there, and update the DB record. i have made the form and i confuse to pass the value direct to the update form. or pass them to the controller, then pass it again to the update form.

i was adding some code here

<td id="action"> <a href="<?php echo site_url('/c_kategorimaterial/ubah/').$row->Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa/$row->Nama_Material_Jasa; ?> ">Edit </a>| Delete </td>                  

then i got error like Division by zero

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The way I would do it is using either POST or GET (depending how sensible is your data).

Using GET:

<td id="action"> <a href="<?php echo(site_url('/c_kategorimaterial/ubah/').$row->Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa."/".$row->Nama_Material_Jasa; ?> ">Edit </a>| Delete </td>

Notice you missed ."/". between the first and the second time you echo $row->Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa

Using POST

  1. Define a field in your form like:

    <input type="hidden" name="<?php echo ($row->Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa);?>" value="<?php echo($row->Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa);?>">
  2. Retrieve the value in the destination controller (the one you set in you action=URL in the form tag) by using $_POST

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how do i do that post method on table ? cz i got table like this id | name | id001 | name1 id002 | name2| how do i do hide on id field ? – Cignitor Oct 13 '12 at 5:21

Is better to pass it to the controller in this way: myController/myFunction/Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa/Nama_Material_Jasa and then pass it to the view containing the form.

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there's controller called c_kategorimaterial and it has edit() function, so, i need to open c_kategorimaterial/edit/Kode_Kategori_Material_Jasa/Nama_Material_Jasa and then fill the edit() to load views edit_form ? – Cignitor Oct 12 '12 at 14:02
yes, that's how I said – m4t1t0 Oct 12 '12 at 14:52

I would keep DB functions inside your model and use the controller to pass them to your views as this is how this system is build. (MVC and Codeigniter) I strongly advice against what you are doing now.

Here's how I think it should be done:

  • Send your view data trough your controller, validate it (as documented here)
  • Store the data in the database via your model
  • Pass this data to and load your next view
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