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I'm using the below to create a nav-list in my bootstrap based Rails app:

<ul class="nav nav-list">
  <li class="nav-header">Going out</li>
    <% @event_types.each do |et| %>
       <a href="/events?event_type=<%= et.id %>">
       <div class="span2"><%= et.event_type %></div>
       <div><span class="badge badge-success"><%= et.events.future_events_count %></span></div></a>
   <% end %>

I thought this was looking ok until it was pointed out that it's misaligned in Internet Explorer!!

My site is here: www.wozzoncornwall.co.uk , if you view in Chrome for example it looks fine. View in IE and you'll see what I mean. Does anyone know how to modify this to maintain event types on the left and event counts on the right so it's cross browser compatible?

Many thanks in advance.

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It looks the same for me in IE9 and chrome!! Is this a low version IE problem? – George Wilson Oct 12 '12 at 14:20
Are the event types and counts horizontally aligned? I've only tried it in an emulator (netrenderer.com) and it looks terrible on all IE versions. My partner us using IE9 on his PC and it's misaligned for him!?! Think I should recode this though, at least until I can get it to render as expected in the emulator. – Raoot Oct 12 '12 at 14:37

Ok, I figured this our myself. Here's how for anyone else having the same issue.

Basically, I dropped the two divs inside the li tag and then used bootstraps pull-right helper class:

<% @event_types.each do |et| %>
      <a href="/events?event_type=<%= et.id %>">
        <%= et.event_type %>
            <span class="badge badge-success pull-right"><%= et.events.future_events_count %></span>
<% end %>
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