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I'm working with an old version of DoctrineExtension.Tree and I don't have buildTree. So I'd like to do the same but I keep running into a problem: Everytime I use findHierarchy(see below) and iterate on all my children in the hierarchy it gets everything twice. Because Doctrine still queries to find the children (even though I loaded them in find Hierarchy) Here is some useful code:

The two functions in my entity

 * Add children
 * @param BGCom\MontreuxBundle\Entity\Category $children
public function addChildren(\BGCom\MontreuxBundle\Entity\Category $children)
    $this->children[] = $children;

 * Get children
 * @return Doctrine\Common\Collections\Collection
public function getChildren()
    return $this->children;

find hierarchy in my repo:

public function findHierarchy() {
    $qb = $this
        ->where('node.lvl < 2')
        ->andWhere('node.in_menu = 1')
        ->orderBy('node.root, node.lvl', 'ASC');

    // set hint to translate nodes
    $query = $qb->getQuery()->setHint(
    $res = $query->getResult();
    //Now build the right entity
    // build tree in english
    $i = 0;
    $j = 0;
    // We rebuild the tree
    $parent = array();
    while($i < count($res)) {
        $cur = $res[$i];
        $parent[] = $cur;
        while ($i < count($res) && $res[$i]->getRoot() === $cur->getId()) {
    return $parent;

my view:

{% for root in trees %}
    <a href="{{ category_path(root) }}">{{ root.name }}</a>
    <div class="box blue-gradient">
    <ul class="lvl1">
       {% for twig in root.getChildren() %}
           <li><a href="{{ category_path(twig)}}">
               {{ twig.name }}
       {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

So to be clear: Is there a way to avoid doctrine from querying if some children are already present in the Entity?

Thanks a lot for your help

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Doctrine2 will never instantiate 2 instances of the same database row.

You probably have the same object twice.

You could avoid setting a Category twice in the $children array by doing this:

public function addChildren(\BGCom\MontreuxBundle\Entity\Category $children)

    if (!$this->children->has($children)) {
        $this->children[] = $children;
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well Doctrine queries the database even though children is already loaded. I want to avoid that –  charly Oct 13 '12 at 11:29

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